There’s just some anomaly with Comic Sans, isn’t there? It’s part of the pop culture vernacular, and it has been for the last 20 years. There’s just a little bit of a magic there that makes it something we talk about. It’s the font that people love to hate. That’s why I set out to save it.

An excerpt from our Q&A with graphic designer Craig Rozynski, who set out to create a new and improved version of that most loathed of fonts: Comic Sans. Read more:

America is moving toward a caste society, where a lot of your fate in life is being determined just by the one decision that you never did make, which is who your parents are going to be. It’s like we’re having this mile-long race, but the upper-class kids get put out at the half-mile marker and the working-class kids are starting back further and we’re making them run with their ankles tied together. You can see where this is headed. It’s a sociological nightmare if you’re worried about the future of America.

Harvard academic and author Robert Putnam. Read our full interview with Putnam on the death of the American Dream, his new book, and why being poor in America is no longer a matter of race: